Kimaya-TPN is a cutting-edge, pilot-tested, computer program built with the aim of making nutritional calculations fully automated, error free and fast. Currently doctors need to do manual calculations using the Hyperalimentation Worksheet for preparing TPN – a time consuming and error prone process. Kimaya TPN is a cloud based web application that allows doctors to do the TPN calculation within seconds, saving the doctor’s time and preventing errors.

Add a patient

Patients, in this case, neonates, can be registered using the basic information like their name, date of birth, birth weight, mobile phone and the registration number. We take Patient Identifiable Information very seriouly and no information about the neonate or parent is registered with Kimaya NICU.

Search for Patient

To search for an existing patient, all you need to do is type in the name of the patient. This lists down a list of potential patients. Once you select the baby, the TPN calculations screen is loaded with the previous TPN calculations for reference. These can be tweaked as required for the new calculation as required.

Start TPN Calculation

TPN calculations require basic information like current weight, fluid intake, Dextrose concentration or Dextrose Infusion rate, lipid intake and finally, additive nutrient intake like Amino Acids, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium (or Phosphates) and Sodium. We can also choose the Central or Peripheral line for administration. In case there are any enteral feeds, these can be entered too!

TPN Calculation Result

The calculation itself takes a fraction of a second and a Nutri-Summary Sheet is available for review. The dextrose mix is auto-selected between a choice of 5%, 10%, 25% and 50% but can also be changed if required. The brand names of the additives is mentioned along with the exact dosage required to prepare TPN. A PDF report can be printed for hospital records too.